Consulting services

I analyse data to help people understand a complex world, and I apply economics to make sense of data.

The consulting services I offer include:

Forecasting: Developing bespoke models to produce future projections, and to understand the uncertainty associated with those projections.

Predictive modelling: Training statistical models on existing data to identify patterns and to predict outcomes in new data (machine learning).

Impact evaluation: Analysing data and developing models to quantify the impacts of investments, projects, policies, interventions, and new technologies.

Economic modelling: Creating microeconomic models to simulate market processes and understand the effects of government interventions and firm behaviour on market outcomes such as prices and consumer welfare.

Cost-benefit analysis: Using cost-benefit analysis to aid decision-making and as a framework for analysing the impacts of interventions, investments, and policies.

Market analysis: Detailed analysis of demand, supply, and competition, to give insights into the operation of markets.

Data visualisation: Creating beautiful and easy to read charts, maps, and other visual displays of data on the web and in printed reports.

Geospatial analysis: Processing and manipulation of data with geographic attributes and visualisation on maps.

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